3 Simple Steps to get MORE Guys Asking You Out!

How To BREAK FREE from the 7 Most Common Roadblocks Keeping You From Love

#9: The #1 Fear Keeping Single Christian Women from Marriage

Fear keeps people single. Period. It keeps people confused, paralyzed, distracted, unsure, powerless, deceived, etc. As Christians, with the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us, we actually have power over fear. We can overcome and be released…

Women: What You Should Look For in a Husband

I realize we’re all different, which results in different desires and needs, but I do think there are a few qualities every man should have that will help him be a great husband, friend, and partner throughout life. As…

How To Pray For Marriage

Marriage seems hard to come by these days. Well…a great marriage, one that you actually want, with a person that you actually want to spend forever with…seems hard to come by these days. Maybe it was always hard to…

Patience: The Forgotten Virtue

Very few people consider themselves to be patient. I’m one of them. People used to tell me patience is a virtue, and honestly, that did absolutely nothing to motivate me to be more patient. I still don’t understand how…

For Single Christian Women ONLY:

3 Simple Steps to get MORE Guys Asking You Out!

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