Is Your Singleness Your Fault, Someone Else’s Fault or God’s Fault?

Q 1 – Is your singleness your fault?

Logically, you know it’s not anyone’s fault; it’s just not the right time for you or you haven’t met the right person yet. But that doesn’t mean you don’t wonder if it’s your fault. Have you ever thought, There must be something wrong with me?

I tend to believe both sentiments: maybe it’s not the right time, and maybe there is something wrong with you. The crazy thing is, there’s something wrong with all of us. I mean seriously, there’s something wrong with me, your friend that just got engaged has issues, and there’s going to be something wrong with your future spouse. After all, we’re only human.

Just because there is something wrong with you, that’s likely not the reason you’re still single. People who have issues, real issues, are always getting married. But that doesn’t mean you ignore those issues. You are the common denominator in all your relationships, so continue to improve you. Your goal in improving you shouldn’t be so you can find a spouse, it should be because you’re a flawed human being. You should continue to work on improving you even after your married.

So is your singleness your fault? Maybe. Maybe not. There’s no point in feeling down about yourself because you are who you are. I believe God will provide someone to love you the way He loves you. But as I already mentioned, you should continue to work on improving you.

Q 2 – Is your singleness someone else’s fault?

People look at you and think there is something wrong with all men (or women) in the world because they aren’t asking you out. You’re a catch. You know it. Everyone else knows it. So your singleness must be someone else’s fault, right?

“He’s just not ready”; “Maybe she hasn’t moved to my city yet;” “He’s growing his relationship with God first;” “She’s not ready for a commitment yet.”

But you don’t really know if those thoughts are true, do you? You think you have it all together, and you probably do, but it’s still pointless to blame your singleness on others when you simply can’t control them. So refer back to #1 and continue to improve you, after all, you are the only human being you can control.

Q 3 – Is your singleness God’s fault?

This is what most single Christians choose to believe. But am I the only one that thinks it was way easier for people two or three decades ago to find someone they wanted to marry? So if that’s the case, and God doesn’t change, meaning it’s not God’s fault that there are suddenly so many Christian singles today, then that must mean, we’re the ones that have changed. Hopefully, you followed that massive run-on sentence.

Our culture has changed. The way we view marriage has changed: we have many fears tied to commitment, and people are much more content finding compatibility/sex/love outside of marriage now than they were decades ago. So I don’t think it’s God’s fault that there are so many more single Christians today then there were decades ago.

However, the timing of God does come into play when searching for a spouse, but we can’t always blame our singleness on the possibility that it’s just not God’s timing.

Bottom line: You can’t blame anyone for your singleness, including you. Hindsight is 20/20, which means you likely won’t know the reasons for your singleness until you’re looking back on your life. Until then, follow Paul’s advice in 1 Corinthians 7:32-35:

I want you to be free from the concerns of this life. An unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord’s work and thinking how to please him. But a married man has to think about his earthly responsibilities and how to please his wife. His interests are divided. In the same way, a woman who is no longer married or has never been married can be devoted to the Lord and holy in body and in spirit. But a married woman has to think about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband. I am saying this for your benefit, not to place restrictions on you. I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible.

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  • Reply
    06/27/2015 at 6:32 pm

    Well the way that i look at it for many of us good men that are still single is because with much more women these days that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very picky, would be a very good reason as to why we are which it is certainly No fault of ours. And many of these women really think that their all that as well, but their Not. It was a good thing that God made much better women years ago, otherwise many of us men Never would’ve been around today.

    • Reply
      06/28/2015 at 5:09 am

      There are so many things we cannot control…one of those being the behavior or other people. Ultimately, you can only control you. So even if you genuinely believe the reason you’re single is someone else’s fault, there are still things the Holy Spirit can reveal to you in regards to your attitude about the opposite sex, your “list” of standards, His timing for your life, the reason you’re still single, etc. I get that there are a lot of women that might think they’re all that, and maybe that’s why they don’t give other guys they view “not as good as” them a chance. But those women aren’t for you. My blog “Blame Shifter” talks about how if we blame other people, we’ll never see any areas in our own lives that needs to change…because our singleness will always be someone else’s fault.
      And on another note, since God doesn’t change I don’t believe he made “better” human beings years ago, it’s our culture that has affected, and will continue to affect, human beings (BOTH man and woman) for the worse.

  • Reply
    11/20/2015 at 7:52 am

    Well there are a lot of women today that are looking for men with money since they Can’t accept us for who we really are, and the women of today are certainly much different than the women of years ago that were much nicer and easier to meet. And many of us good innocent men today are Not single by choice.

  • Reply
    07/25/2017 at 2:14 pm

    Most of the single women are very much to blame for that one since there are many of us good men that are still single today when we really should’ve never been in the first place. Remember it really does take two to tango nowadays but since most women are really looking for men with money which it will be very difficult for them to Accept many of us men for who we really are since many of us just make enough money to get by. Most women today are nothing like the women in the past were which it is certainly quite a change since then which has a lot to do with it as well unfortunately.

    • Reply
      07/27/2017 at 3:51 pm

      Thanks for your feedback Dave. Appreciate it!

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