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Men, What Are You Waiting For?

From a women’s perspective, some men take FOREVER to ask a woman out. Us women, we don’t get it. What are you waiting for? Why aren’t we good enough for you? I mean, not that we want you, but still. 😉

This post is written from a woman’s perspective. Haha – duh. I’m a woman and my blog is from my perspective. So, without further ado the following list is what I think women think about men who never, or rarely, ask women out.

  1. You’re waiting for a Super Model.
    • You’re not hot! So stop acting like you are.
    • Even if you are hot, well then, we understand a little more. But still, snagging a gorgeous girl doesn’t somehow mean you’ve “made it” in life!
  2. You’re confused.
    • You don’t know what you want, who you want, or when you want it.
    • You’re waiting for…well, we don’t know and we think you don’t know either.
  3. You’re waiting to become more established.
    • You need to be able to afford the ring, the house, the dinners, the dates, the boat, the 3 children you’re going to have, and the girl. Slight exaggeration, but you get my point.
    • Understandably, some girls aren’t interested in guys who aren’t financially set or secure. Actually, I think many girls are like this.
      • I know this may be news to you, but it’s likely that that type of girl isn’t the right girl for you.
    • MEN…most women want to earn these things together, build a life together, and pay off debt together (well, they don’t want debt, but are more than willing to pay it off together).
      • We WANT marriage, children, family, fulfillment, and companionship with YOU. Even if that means we have to deal with less-than-desirable money stuff along the way.
      • You don’t have to believe me, you can argue with me in your head, but generally speaking, this is true!
      • If you’re convinced the reason girls are never interested in you is because of your money issues, then I’m convinced there are other issues going on. Because if you’re truly a catch, then money issues aren’t that big of a deal!
  1. You’re the “Grass is always Greener” man.
    • You’re waiting for someone better, holding out hope for the perfect woman, and you think the girls you’re surrounded by aren’t good enough for you.
  2. You’re waiting on God.
    • That’s sweet.
    • But we’re pretty sure God thinks we’re a catch, so…
      • I’m sure you sense my sarcasm, but seriously, we understand this thinking, but only to an extent. At some point, we wonder if it’s really God’s fault that you haven’t asked a girl out (or more than 2) in the last 5 years, or your fault.
  1. You’re waiting to feel compelled to pursue, drawn in by her amazingness, and/or swept off your feet.
    • You don’t want to waste your time dating girls you aren’t interested in. Makes sense. But why aren’t you interested in anyone?
    • We think it’s because you aren’t eager to get married, don’t have a strong desire right now for a family, and simply aren’t ready. Maybe that’s true…if it is, then that’s alright. It is what it is.
      • But own it. Don’t blame your relational paralysis on the supposed less-than-desirable women in your world.
  1. You waiting to be 100% positive she’s the right one.
    • You’re afraid to begin a relationship, gain everyone’s attention by finally dating a girl, only to have it fail. So you wait, and wait, and wait until you’re sure you’re sure that she’s the right one for you.
    • We think you’re afraid of failure. And honestly, who isn’t? But please know that we’re willing to fail with you because we see the possibility of success.
  2. You’re busy building a career.
    • We get it. But we kind of feel sorry for you.

Men, if you’ve never asked yourself the question, What am I waiting for?, but genuinely want to get married, then understanding why you aren’t moving forward in the dating world is a must. Gain clarity on what it is you want and what it is you’re waiting for, then act. Ask her out. Give her a second or third date even if you aren’t completely sure she’s the right one for you. Be willing to make mistakes. Respect women throughout the process. And pray a lot.

I hope this list is enlightening for you and will help you better understand exactly what it is you’re waiting for.

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