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Men, What Are You Waiting For?

From a women’s perspective, some men take FOREVER to ask a woman out. Us women, we don’t get it. What are you waiting for? Why aren’t we good enough for you? I mean, not that we want you, but still. 😉

This post is written from a woman’s perspective. Haha – duh. I’m a woman and my blog is from my perspective. So, without further ado the following list is what I think women think about men who never, or rarely, ask women out.


Why Smiling, Friendliness, and Laughter Make You More Attractive

I confess…I strongly dislike articles that tell the reader what she has to do to catch a man’s attention. Weird, I know, especially since I write about relationships. The reason they annoy me is because they give women a formula on how to fake it till they make it. And then when they make it…BOOM…they’re all of a sudden a different person because they caught that man.

That being said, this small blog post is definitely advice on how to work on areas of your personality if needed, and if desired. And along the way, become more appealing to the opposite sex. So, ya, I guess I’m writing the type of article that annoys me. But give it a chance…read on.


Why You Aren’t Getting Asked Out

I noticed a pattern when I was single. Single girls that seemed to get asked out often were girls that were confident, easily engaged in conversation with men, appeared to enjoy life, and seemed to want friendship with the opposite sex. The girls who appeared “stuck-up,” whether it was due to their own insecurities or lack of interest in that particular (or every) man, were rarely even approached by men. They didn’t seem to like men, didn’t appear to want friendship with them, were possibly afraid of them or confused about how to act around them, and could never initiate or even hold a conversation with them.

If you think you’re a catch, which you probably are, but aren’t getting asked out, do you know why? Is your gut reaction to that question to blame the lame, passive Christian men you’re surrounded by? If so, I’m definitely going to challenge your blame-shifting tendencies.


Living Life Satisfied

My daughter, Brooklyn (15 months), received a VeggieTales book from her grandparents titled: “I Thank God For This Day!” You can press a button and a song will play. The catchiest part of the song goes like this: “Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. I’m glad for what I have – that’s an easy way to start.” Brooklyn loves this feature – she now knows how to say Aaa – pppy (silent H) and she has the cutest hip-swaying dance to go along with the song.


Why You Haven’t You Found The Right One … Yet

If there are people of the opposite sex walking around on this planet in close proximity to you that have many of the most important qualities you’re looking for in a spouse, then why haven’t you found the right one yet? I’d never verbally ask this question…it’s too invasive, too rude, and implies there’s something wrong with you. But if you can hold your judgment of me for a moment, let’s explore the answers to that question.


All I Want is Someone Who is Funny, Kind, and Sweet

There is a commercial that aired about a year ago that I still see quite often. A blond lady is asked the typical question by the guy: “What are you looking for?”

“Someone who is Funny, Kind, and Sweet.”

I like her answer…good adjectives…good qualities…(reminds me exactly of Sean!). Everyone likes and wants those things in a significant other. No one says I want to be with a dull, boring jerk. But let’s just be honest, if that’s really ALL she wanted, she would’ve found someone by now.


Not-So-Perfect Christians

Recently, I read a book titled: “The Right One: How To Successfully Date and Marry the Right Person” by Jimmy Evans and Frank Martin. I wanted to read the book to learn from other established authors in the Christian world to find out what they were saying about relationships. Overall, I was impressed.

But there was this one section where one of the author’s talked about his daughter’s perfect (my emphasis) dating relationship with his now son-in-law. They did everything right: they discussed their intentions from the beginning, they stayed above reproach while not giving into temptation, they got advice from the right people, they dealt with their differences, they communicated effectively, they remained physically pure, etc.

As I was reading this, I was annoyed.


How long does it take for the real you to shine through?

Some people have this amazing ability to be themselves from the get-go. They’re confident, fun, engaging, playful and vulnerable. Most, however, have a difficult time just being themselves, especially on a date. Instead, they’re nervous, concerned about what the other person is thinking, a little unsure, and maybe a little awkward.


Why We’re All Looking for Perfection

I know you don’t think you are. Of course you don’t expect your spouse to be perfect. You’re way too logical and rational for that kind of thinking. But your friend Susie somehow snagged a pretty great guy, and she has way more issues than you. And somehow Joe attracted one of the most eligible bachelorettes on the market, at least in your opinion. And he’s kind of a dud. So…you can find someone at least as good as whom they found.

Not perfect of course.


When to Walk Away

People break up. Relationships fail. Promises are broken. People walk away.


But when something isn’t meant to be, it’s 100% better for someone to walk away while dating than while married. And it’s better for the relationship to end than to stay in a discontent, unhappy state.

So, maybe you’re in a committed relationship, and you’re wondering if you should walk away. You’re pretty sure marriage is not in your future, and you wonder if you should be the one to end the relationship. Maybe you’re confused by your own feelings, or lack thereof. Maybe you’re unsure of the next step to take in your relationship. And maybe you’re scared to walk away.

Well, here are 5 signs to look for to help you decide if you should walk away:


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