What Money Can’t Buy…

In one particular season of life, I lived in the University District in Seattle – not the best area. Sean and I had to decipher the screams we heard on the streets: Was that scream one of drunken playfulness? And she doesn’t care about the fact that it’s a weeknight at 2am? Or was it one of fear and pain, and we should call 911? The good news is we only had to call 911 once…if you call that good news. Also, at this time, we both worked in downtown Bellevue and commuted about 2 hours a day via bus, in the rain. Then once I got home, I worked out and was finally able to eat and relax around 8pm. I hated the commute, I hated my job, I hated the bus, I hated the U-District, I hated the rain, I hated the cold. Definitely not a fun season of life.

So in order to remain sane and happy, I had to encourage myself by looking at what was great in my life. I thought about the fact that I had parents involved in our lives who always supported us and loved us. I thought about how great my in-laws were, and that they brought joy and peace to our lives, not strife. I felt so richly blessed that we had two sets of parents still in our lives that loved us. I even felt grateful that I had all my limbs (seriously), and that I was healthy. But what made me feel most grateful, was that I had Sean to love, and that I was unconditionally loved by him.

I realized I had what money couldn’t buy. And that made me feel extremely rich.

When one can achieve wealth, success, influence, status, and friendships, but doesn’t have a significant other to love, that person can still feel empty. Love isn’t “achievable” in the same way a job promotion is achievable, which can make the pursuit of love and marriage extremely frustrating.

This post isn’t meant to discourage you because you don’t have that significant other yet; instead, it’s meant to remind you that love and marriage bring fulfillment and joy to a person’s life. This post is for those who think they want to get married, but are more than content being single for a long, long time, if not forever. Yes…those people do exist. I’m all for marriage, if that’s what you want, so I hope I can bring you to the tipping point to help you understand that loving a significant other is worth the sacrifices that will be made. Ultimately, when do you have that love, you will feel like the wealthiest person in the world!

The desire you have for marriage can’t just be put on the back burner of life because you don’t quite understand love, or because you’ve been “burned” in the past. It must be pursued, fought for, and prayed over. If not, then you may find yourself having all the riches the world can offer, but without a person to love. Of course, this doesn’t mean just because you’re single you haven’t pursued and/or prayed for a spouse. It just means you have to continue pursuing that dream.

So if you don’t want to have success in all other areas of life, besides love and marriage, then you must wholeheartedly pursue that desire. Since people can’t take tangible steps to achieve love in the same a student takes steps to achieve a doctorate, they think love just happens in life, so they don’t actively pursue it.

But next week, I’ll be writing about how you can pursue love and marriage. Sure, it’s not as simple as, Take these classes and get the corresponding degree, but it can be and should be pursued.

So, stay tuned…

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