Episode 150: The Difference Between a Successful Woman and a Prideful Woman


Have you ever fallen into the trap of believing that men aren’t interested in successful women? As if successful women are too intimidating and men are too insecure …

Though there may be some truth to that, it’s not the whole truth.

There are plenty of very successful married women. It’s simply a fact that a successful woman in her field with lots of money CAN get married to a wonderful man. It’s a fact because it’s been done many times before. I’m not saying there aren’t unique challenges that you’ll face, but it is possible to be very successful and find a wonderful man.

However, what many women seem to forget is that with success people can become very prideful. And pride is ugly. It taints your soul, in my opinion :-)

In this episode, I discuss the differences between a successful, NON-prideful woman versus a successful, prideful woman. This way, you know what to look out for within yourself and you can even apply this awareness to the men you’re dating (it goes both way).

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