Episode 153: How To Act First, Then Receive What You Want


Have you ever had the thought when the right person comes along, then …

Or told yourself that you’ll lose weight when …

If you have, like countless others, then you likely know the feeling of waiting for something or someone to motivate you to do what you want to do anyways!

The problem is that we often need to ACT FIRST in order to receive what we really want. We may need to slow down the upward trajectory in our career because it’s taking up all of our mental space; so much so that we don’t have a time for a relationship.

Or we may need to finally begin our counseling journey in order to receive the healthy man that we know we deserve.

You see, we need to act first in order to get what we really want. The challenge is that we won’t always KNOW if we’re going to get that thing, or person, we want. So it can feel defeating if we’re doing all the acting and not yet doing any of the receiving.

We can easily remain stuck for years with the backwards mentality of, “When I have this, then I’ll change that.” Ultimately, the principle holds true that we act first, then receive.

Tune in today to learn how to act first so that you can receive what you want!


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