Episode 154: Is Marriage Really THAT Hard?


Is marriage hard? Like, really hard? Why is marriage hard?

Well, that’s the question I’m going to tackle today.

Many married people have said marriage is hard, and I’m sure I have as well. When a single person hears this, she either dismisses the person saying it because she doesn’t respect that person, or maybe thinks that person has something unique in their marriage that makes it hard (that the single person won’t have to go through).

Or, conversely, the single person hears this and wonders if marriage will even be worth it. Does she want marriage more than being single? Could her single life be better than the unknowns of a married life?

Both strings of thought can be hindrances in the process toward marriage.

What I want to share is that marriage can be hard, and it likely will be hard at time, but I do not believe it should always be hard! Like, permanently … during the entire marriage!

Today, I’ll share some of my personal stories from being married for 10 years! I also talk about what makes a marriage hard and how some of those challenges can be alleviated.

Tune in and share!


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