Welcome to My New Blog!


I’ve decided to start a blog so I can communicate my thoughts, as well as other people’s thoughts, on why it seems extremely difficult for so many amazing Christians to date and eventually marry. When I was single this was a hot topic of discussion, and I know among my single friends, it still is. It’s a frustrating topic that seems unsolvable. Women blame men, men blame women, and we blame ourselves. We try to fix all our issues and we try to put our best foot forward, yet it seems like no one is interested enough in the best foot we’ve put forward. So we remain single.

But of course that’s not the only reason Christian’s remain single. I plan to explore why so many men and women are still single in their late twenties and thirties, yet have desperately want to get married for years. I will ask frustrating questions, provide straightforward, honest answers (or sometimes just opinions), and share revelations others received when they were single. I hope that my blog will provide valuable insight into your life. A one-answer-fits-all approach is impossible for something so complex, but I do think there is wisdom to share that will be received by many. Also, I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject and what you’ve learned. So come with me on this journey as we discuss the important things of life: romantic relationships (or lack thereof) and love.


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