Are You Desperate?


Do you realize you can be desperate without being Deessssppperrrrattttte? Think about it. When have you felt desperate for something in your life? I’ve felt desperate in regards to marriage, even though I was happy being single. I’ve felt desperate to graduate from college, yet I continued to endure and finished strong. I’ve felt desperate to find a job I loved, so I interceded for myself in prayer, which resulted in me finding a job I loved. Yes, desperate is a strong word, but when you REALLY, REALLY want something, desperation is often the result of that desire. Of course, this isn’t always good, but I want to discuss the good side of desperation.

  1. Desperation compels you to act. If you’re convinced marriage is part of your God-given destiny, then I truly believe you will get married…and not just married, but married to the best person for you. If you’re single, and not called to celibacy, then you should be desperate for marriage, but content being single. Don’t be too proud to be desperate. As the saying goes, "Desperate people do desperate things." This has a very negative connotation, but with the Holy Spirit living inside of us the desperate things we do are seeking God, interceding for marriage, and waiting wisely.
  1. Desperation doesn’t care what others think. If you need a job in order to pay rent, to buy food, to survive, you do what you’ve got to do to get a job, even if that means working at McDonald’s. (But hey, if you live in Seattle, and can eventually get paid $15/hour working at Micky D’s, then that’s not such a bad gig!!) You ask for prayer from family and friends. You get out of your shell, rise above your shy personality, and learn how to make more friends of the opposite sex. But as a mature, God-centered person, you don’t appear desperate! Rather, you appear driven.
  1. Desperation results in faith. I admit - this seems like a twisted way to get to faith. But sadly, faith isn’t always our first instinct when we really want something in life. As humans, one of the first places we visit in our hearts is desperation and hopelessness/helplessness. But, once again, as mature, God-centered individuals, we know faith causes the hand of God to move - and for many of us, we need the hand of God in order to make marriage happen in our lives - so we turn that desperation into faith.

Seek God - Desperately. Please don’t get comfort and contentment confused. You can be content in your singleness, but desperate to see God fulfill your dream of marriage. But if you’re comfortable in your singleness, you won’t be motivated enough to desperately seek God to fulfill your dream of marriage.

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. (James 5: 16b - Amplified)



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