From Shepherd to King


Everyone loves stories about King David. He was the underdog that destroyed a giant, had the type of courage that inspired generations (and still inspires), he was an incredible leader and warrior, and was supposedly good-looking. But he started out as a shepherd.

And the only person that noticed his kingly capacity while he was a shepherd was the prophet Samuel, and even he almost missed it. If God hadn’t intervened, Samuel would’ve anointed one of Jesse’s other sons, Eliab. (1 Samuel 16) In the same way, when it comes to choosing a person you actually want to marry, we almost always choose the king and almost never the shepherd. But what if the shepherd is anointed king, but still working as a shepherd? It’s much more enticing to partner with a king who gets to live in the palace, is done running for his life, and has already conquered the giants. Yet, more often than not, a spouse partners with someone during the shepherd stage of life, rather than the king stage of life. Think about that the next time you say no to a date (or a 2nd or 3rd date). You don’t have to be attracted to every shepherd out there, but stop ignoring him or her in the same way David’s dad ignored him. Ask yourself whom God has anointed for you, and be open to that person even if that person looks different from what you imagined. Think about the Jews who couldn’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah because he didn’t fulfill the image of what a Messiah should look like or where the Messiah should come from or what type of family the Messiah should have. Don’t be like the Jews who couldn’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah and don’t be like David’s father who was convinced David didn’t have a chance at becoming King. If you want to marry the man or woman God has anointed for you, you must be open to that person even if he or she still has the shepherd’s staff in his or her hand. So what does a shepherd look like? It’s different for everyone. Essentially, it means that person is on their way to fulfilling their purpose and their kingly anointing, but isn’t really all that impressive right now. Choose God’s standards, choose character, and choose godly attributes, even if that person is still only a lowly shepherd.


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