Men have the luxury of choice

As a woman, I think women are the better sex  :)  (Though a man would get crucified if he said that about men...but I digress.)  I think when God made Man, He thought, “Ya…this is good, but let me make something gooder.” So He made Woman. Ok, that’s super corny, but let’s be honest: Women are beautiful, WAY less violent, incredibly strong, supportive, empathetic, wise, and seriously talented at getting what they want. But when it comes to relationships, women simply do NOT have the same luxury of choice as men do.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Men’s biological clock isn’t ticking. This is good and bad. Did you know Steve Martin became a dad for the first time at the ripe young age of 67? Google it.
  2. Men often become more attractive as they age, whereas, women become less attractive as they age. I’m not just talking about looks. Super unfair, but true.
  3. Older men have same-age prospects, older prospects and much younger prospects (sometimes by as much as 20 years!!). Whereas, older women typically have same-age prospects (or if younger/older, only by a few years).
Ok, so what’s my point?? If you’re a woman who wants to get married, stop waiting to pursue that dream! Forgive me if I sound old-fashioned, but seriously, stop waiting.

Who says you can only pursue one dream at a time? Is a specific career path your dream? Is independence your dream? Is financial success your dream? FYI: you can be married and still be an independent woman who loves and supports her man and still pursues her dreams!

This post isn’t for the woman who’s #1 goal and dream has been marriage since she was 5 years old, this post is for the woman who wants to get married, but has always put that dream on the back-burner of life. I think that woman has been afraid to pursue that dream because it’s seems so much more out of her control than, say, succeeding in her career. In fact, she’d probably never say marriage was a dream of hers, instead she approaches marriage with a laissez-faire attitude: If it happens, it happens. That’s not necessarily bad, but why not give marriage the same importance as the other goals and dreams in your life? Marriage doesn’t just have to be a I hope it will happen thing, it can be a I know it will happen thing; it can be a dream you pursue.

So pursue your dreams now. All of them.

(P.S. - If you disagree with my title, I'd love to hear why! Not to argue, of course, but to state your opinion based on your personal experience.)


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