Five Ways to tell if you Idolize Marriage


The Christian community understands the importance of marriage. That’s great! But Christian individuals, more so than non-Christian individuals, idolize marriage. Idolatry, by definition, is the worship of idols. It means to have extreme admiration and love or reverence for something or someone. Obviously, we should only worship God. But, all too easily, other “things” creep into our soul, and we end up putting those things in the place of God. Listed below are 5 ways to determine if you’re idolizing marriage:

Marriage is your #1 goal, your highest ambition, your biggest dream…so…

  1. You feel worthless and devalued because you aren’t married yet.
  1. You’re consumed, day and night, with thoughts about marriage.
  1. You can’t be happy for others who enter into a serious relationship.
  1. You have this enormous surge of confidence when you are in a relationship – so much so that you become judgmental and feel superior towards your single peers.
  1. Nearly everything you do, or don’t do, has the end goal of marriage in mind.
    1. i.e. - waiting until you’re married to…go on a special vacation, buy a home, visit a romantic city, buy furniture…whatever.

If you idolize marriage you think it’ll rescue you from your poor self-esteem, give you identity, give you happiness, and give you purpose. Only God can do that. To Do: 1. Recognize if you idolize marriage or not. 2. Keep your heart and emotions in check in regards to marriage. 3. Don’t give it a bigger priority in your life than it needs to have. 4. Put marriage in it’s place: Below your pursuit of, thoughts toward, and love of God.


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