Movin’ On Up: 4 Tips on how to move on from your crush


What do you do when you like someone, but that someone doesn’t like you back? Move on. But we ALL know that is really, really, really hard. Sean, my husband, liked me for 8 months before I liked him back. He and I had great chemistry from the beginning - we were great friends, respected each other and got along beautifully. Without going into hardly any detail at all, I finally started liking him back when Sean started praying, “God, either turn my heart away from her, or turn her heart towards me.” He never had to convince me and didn't have to change anything about himself. God simply turned my heart towards him. He didn’t have to move on even though everyone advised him to. But what happens when that other person just…does…not…like…you. Period.

  1. Give yourself a timeframe to move on.
    1. I realize this sounds too black and white for something so emotional and complicated, but just try it.
    2. For example, give yourself 6 weeks to move on (or maybe you’re at the point where you can only handle 2 more weeks of loving a person that doesn’t love you back…you decide the timeline). Then Pray. Pray. Pray.
  2. Pray the prayer Sean prayed. Your heart needs to move on. Your heart needs to get out of the game, especially when that other person’s heart never entered the game.
  3. If you’re at the point where the PAIN of no reciprocation is greater than the HOPE of a great relationship, then you must make the logical decision in your head that NOW is the time to move on.
    1. Decide that you won’t like him or her anymore. It’ll take a while for your heart to follow, but eventually it will.
  4. Distance Yourself.
    1. You’re probablybesties with the person you have a serious crush on. And you’re stuck in the friend zone.
      1. Stop being his (or her) BFF.
    2. This is hard. And sad. But if you can’t be their friend without fantasizing about dating or marrying them, and they don’t want to date or marry you, then you can’t be their friend. I’m sorry.
    3. You’re a treasure. The person who wants to date and/or marry you will view you as a treasure to pursue, love, and adore. Don’t settle for a BFF who doesn’t want you as anything more than a friend.



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