How to Pray for Marriage


Marriage seems hard to come by these days. Well…a great marriage, one that you actually want, with a person that you actually want to spend forever with…seems hard to come by these days. Maybe it was always hard to come by, but either way, I have 3 great suggestions on how to pray for marriage.

  1. Build Faith. Believe God is on your side, get His vision for your future marriage and pray for it. All the time. Every day. Morning and Night.
    1. This is a short tip, but honestly, the most powerful tip. You need breakthrough. So pray like you need breakthrough!
  2. As I’ve discussed in a few previous posts, you can only control you. And you bring you into a marriage. You have issues, flaws, selfishness, and your unique experiences/worldview. Ask God to show you what needs to change. Some common things most people need to change are:
    1. More love, grace, and mercy for yourself. We’re all human; we’re all imperfect. The sooner you accept that truth, the sooner you’ll accept someone else just like you – human and imperfect. So you must like you and you must love you. Get there in your heart sooner than later.
      1. How? Get to know Jesus.
      2. Spend the VAST majority of your time with people who like you, love you and build your confidence. Get new friends if necessary.
    2. Expectations/Standards. Ask God for what you want. #nofilter. Be as superficial as you want, then let God speak to you about your expectations. He can ether add to them or take away from them…or both.
  3. Get vision for your life. This will help you filter out the right or wrong person for you.
    1. If you know what you want in life and what you want to accomplish, you’ll have more accurate attractions.
    2. So this vision needs to come from God, not society. Did God give you the vision of wearing Lululemon from head to toe, pushing your designer stroller, and having your nanny watch your babies while you get a massage or did the city of Bellevue give you that vision? Just saying (or asking, I guess). Nothing is wrong with this particular vision for your life, but since our vision affects our attractions, we need to have a clear vision from God in order to be attracted to the right types of people.
    3. My point is that God will turn your affections to the right person who will fit in nicely into His vision and destiny for your life.


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