7 Reasons You Should Date


I think men and women should date when they are mature enough to get married. But I also think men and women shouldn’t wait to date until:

  • they have all their ducks in a row,
  • they’re financially stable enough to take care of a woman (because these days it’s not like women work, or have their own income, or their own career path, or their own spending money. Seriously, why do men think they need to be able to afford a home, a ring, a boat, and a vacation home before they’re ready to get married?!),
  • they’re convinced they’re madly in love with that person (or just kind of in love),
  • they’re pretty sure they could marry that person,
  • the dad of a 33 year-old says, “Yes, you can take my daughter out to coffee.”
  • Prince Charming shows up. He doesn’t exist woman…he doesn’t exist.

Ok. I hope you get my point. And my sarcasm. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should date:

  1. You aren’t already friends with that person, but would like to get to know that person better.
  2. You are already friends with that person, and you’ve started liking that person as more than a friend. Maybe you get along really well and wonder if there is something more there.
    1. Many friendships are ruined after dating. This sucks. So you need to determine if dating your friend is worth the risk. Maybe it is!
  3. You’re asked out on a date. I think more girls should be open to more men. Here’s a secret…when you have this mentality you’ll be asked out more often because with this mentality you’ll be friendlier, more talkative, kinder, less judgmental, and appear more open to more men.
  4. You’re mature enough to get married. My two cents on this is that you can be immature in age, job security, finances, and even personality, but you can still be mature enough for marriage.
    1. Most people, especially parents, would disagree with me. But if you’re ready to be selfless, committed, and love the way Jesus loves then I think you can successfully be married. Sure, you will have more road bumps than older, more mature people, but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.
  5. You like her. You like him. Then stop thinking about what your friends are going to say and ask the girl out or say yes to the date.
  6. You’re mature enough to handle a failed relationship. It’s embarrassing and humbling when a relationship ends, especially if you were absolutely convinced it was going to work. Failure is such an ugly word. But you learn a lot about yourself and what you want/need in a relationship when a relationship doesn’t work out. So look at the positive side of things.
  7. Your friends are setting you up. That is if you trust your friends and this person meets your (short) list of non-negotiables. Just go on the blind date…or double date. Yes, it’ll probably be awkward, but so what??

I always hated it when people would say, “Dating should be fun!” I was convinced it was because they hadn’t dated in decades. Yes, it should be fun, but for most it’s not. It’s hard to not take rejection too personally...or to politely turn someone down...or to figure out how you feel about someone...or to like someone who doesn’t like you back...or to go through a heartbreak…and pretty much, all of that happens in dating. FUN. But you should date. Be smart, be strong, be godly. And date.


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