10 Tips on How to Be Attractive (for Men & Women - Part 1)


Our culture is inundated with tips and tricks on how to be as attractive as possible. The obvious tips have to do with outward appearance, but truthfully, there is also a lot of advice out there on how to be attractive in personality as well. But if you’re like me, you aren’t googling, “How Can I Be More Attractive?” Most people just Do Them as best as possible…they realize who they are is good enough to have made friends and likely good enough to have attracted the opposite sex at one point or another.

But what happens when you’re genuinely ready to get married, but still aren’t married? Many people start to wonder, Is there something wrong with me? As I’ve discussed in a previous post…yes, there’s something wrong with you. But there’s something wrong with all of us…even those who got married before you. So we must have this mental balance in our view of ourselves: 1) Know you have issues/flaws/inadequacies. So what?! Your job is to love and accept yourself. 2) Know that you can’t stay the same. Communicate with the Holy Spirit, get help from Him, and change what you can. You should always be growing. 3) Take practical steps to make those changes. This is where advice, books, conferences, motivational speaks, pastors, mentors, etc. come in. And #1 must be a CONSTANT in your life as you practice #2 and #3. This post, as well as parts 2 & 3, will help you learn 10 practical steps to take in order to make yourself more attractive. There’s nothing magical about these steps; they’re simply reminders of what we already know. Step #1: Be Kind

  • This trait is underrated.
  • There are so many overlooked kind men out there. Where have all the good men gone, women wonder. Well, look around at the not-as-charismatic single men. They’re probably the kind, good guys that were overlooked by the hotter, richer, funnier, ruder, more selfish men. Obviously, this isn’t always the case. But try, just try, to prioritize kindness and selflessness over looks and money.
  • Kind women aren’t overlooked…they’re taken. Again, this isn’t always the case, but men like nice women. I don’t know what else to say about this…except for the fact that nice is good! Keep your strong personality with opinions, and learn to be nice.

Step #2: Get a Job

  • Yep, that’s pretty much it. Some adjectives to describe a job are: legal, good, full-time, solid, steady, secure, and ethical. Feel free to add to that list.

Step #3: Have Ambition (Goals/Dreams)

  • I don’t care how small or large they are (however, someone else might care), but you must have them in order to attract a man or a woman who also has goals and dreams.
  • Women – stop being most attracted to the most-accomplished man. Be willing to partner with a man who has ambition, but is in his Shepherd David stage.
  • Men – Ambition makes you super attractive. Ambition with accomplishment makes you super duper attractive.

In an effort to keep my posts short, steps #4-7 will be discussed in my next post, Part 2.  


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