10 Tips on How to Be Attractive (for Men & Women - Part 2)


We’ve discussed Steps #1-3 on how to be attractive in Part 1, and in this post we’ll discuss Steps #4-7.

Step #4: Accept yourself (and others)

  • When you truly accept who you are – your past self and your present self – it’ll be easier for you to like/love yourself and others.
    • You’ll have fewer insecurities. You’ll be more confident. You’ll be more forgiving of yourself. You’ll be happier. You’ll have more grace towards yourself and others. You’ll be more comfortable with yourself, which will make others comfortable with you as well.
    • When you’re rejected, or feel unliked/unloved/unaccepted by others, you’ll be like a spring that bounces back because you have a foundation of self-love and acceptance.
  • We’ll constantly be working towards this, and that’s ok!

Step #5: Have Confidence

  • Everyone knows this is attractive. This is another result of #4, "Accepting Yourself." It’s easy to be around confident people because you’ll never feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them.
  • If you want more confidence, you have to see yourself the way God sees you (after all, He created you). And you must have friends that love you, support you, and ultimately, help you feel more confident. Yes, I know…it’s not their responsibility, but it sure helps!

Step #6: Know your Beliefs (and don’t stray from them)

  • Why is it that people make compromises in this area? Almost every other area deserves a compromise…but in my opinion, not your belief system; it’s a fundamental foundation to who you are.
  • Be true to what you believe and how you practice those beliefs. When you do this, you’ll attract someone who believes and practices the same things as you.
    • Side Note: If you’re attracting people who don’t believe the same things as you, then that’s a good clue that your beliefs aren’t evident to those around you, which in turn means you may not attract someone who shares the same beliefs as you because they also can’t tell what your beliefs are by your actions (or lack thereof).

Step #7: Laugh (or make others laugh)

  • All I can say is everyone loves to laugh. Everyone. Some laugh easier than others, but if you’re lighthearted and can enjoy the humor of others, they’ll enjoy being around you!
  • And if you can make people laugh…you will always have friends!

My next post, Part 3 on how to be attractive, will cover the remaining steps #8-10.


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