10 Tips on How to Be Attractive (for Men & Women - Part 3)


Yes…we’re still talking about qualities of attractiveness. Part 1 and Part 2 listed many important qualities that make a person attractive and this post discusses Steps #8-10:

Step #8: Make money

  • To most people, money (lots of it) means nice vacations, security, worry-free, stress-free, needs met, great education, great education paid for, advantages and opportunity in life, etc, etc, etc.
  • Women pretend like they don’t like money as much as they do, but men know better.
  • And then there are the men who also highly value money…without a lot, lot, lot of it, they don’t even pursue a woman because they don’t feel ready for a serious relationship.
  • Ultimately, a man who highly values money will attract the same in a woman. And a woman who genuinely doesn’t prioritize money, will attract the same in a man. It is what it is… Just don’t let money become your god or put your life on hold until you’re rich.

Step #9: Be Outgoing

  • Here is where opposites attract. Outgoing people need a listening ear, and non-outgoing people prefer to be the listeners rather than the talkers.
  • An introvert can never (nor should they have to) transform themselves into outgoing extroverts. However, everyone should learn the art of talking/conversing. Even outgoing people don’t want to always have to carry the conversation…the other person needs to talk as well!
  • Beyond just conversing, being outgoing allows others to get to know you. How can anyone like you, as in like you, if they can’t even figure out who you are (unless of course your hot).

Step #10:Be Interesting/Interested

  • This goes along the lines of #9, "Be Outgoing." You don’t have to be an extrovert to learn the art of talking & listening (or in other words, having a conversation).
  • If you’re genuinely interested in other people, you’ll be motivated to get to know them. Self-obsessed and selfish people could care less about others…maybe painfully shy or insecure people as well.
  • But when you’re interested in other people, those people will want to be around you. Who doesn’t like to be liked??

That's it. That concludes my 3 part series on How to Be Attractive! Below is an excerpt taken from Part 1 as a reminder on where your mental state should be in your quest to become more attractive: “So we must have this mental balance in our view of ourselves: 1) Know you have issues/flaws/inadequacies. So what?! Your job is to love and accept yourself. 2) Know that you can’t stay the same. Communicate with the Holy Spirit, get help from Him, and change what you can. You should always be growing. 3) Take practical steps to make those changes. This is where advice, books, conferences, motivational speaks, pastors, mentors, etc. come in. And #1 must be a CONSTANT in your life as you practice #2 and #3.” Stay tuned for a guest post by my husband Sean, titled: “5 Traits Every Man Looks for in a Woman.”


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