You Need Breakthrough!

the-nature-is-stronger-695013_1280 defines breakthrough as “an act or instance of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction…; any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase…that removes a barrier to progress.” Based on that definition, do you need breakthrough? Is there an obstruction or barrier that is keeping you from marriage? If so, how can you “surpass,” or “overcome,” or “remove a barrier to progress” if you don’t know what the barrier is? If you desperately want to me married, why aren’t you married yet? What is that barrier? Reading those questions probably feels like I’m judging you and interrogating you. But just pause your reading for a moment, and ask yourself those questions.

If the answers to those questions were easy, you’d have figured it out by now. But they aren’t easy answers…in fact, they’re very difficult questions to answer. The fact is, you need breakthrough. You need God Himself…the Creator of human beings…the Creator of the Heavens…the Creator of Earth and all the planets…and the Author of life to help you. So stop acting like you don’t need breakthrough. Stop it. Stop. Below are a couple of tips on what it means to act like you need breakthrough:

  • Pray all the time. Do relationships God’s way, not yours. If your way hasn’t been working, submit your way to God and figure out what “God’s way” means for you. And if you are doing it God’s way, then be content in waiting for marriage to happen in your life.
  • Check your pride at the door. Your humility will lead you to be open to more men or women that meet your small list of non-negotiables. You humility will lead you to admit to yourself your longing for marriage. Your humility will lead you to seek God for marriage. Your humility will lead you to ask others for prayer. Your humility will lead you to not care about what others think of your potential significant other.

I realize I’m spiritualizing the quest for marriage and admitting that it’s complicated, when some would tell you it’s not. But my personal experience, and my observation of others' experience, has told me that it is complicated and it is spiritual because I believe you need God’s help in order to provide you with a husband or wife. Act like you need breakthrough in order to get married. And just as a reminder, re-read my post on how to pray for marriage since God is the one who will be bringing you that breakthrough.


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