"5 Traits Men Look for in Women" a Guest Post written by Sean Burroughs


Since I've been writing about what makes men and women attractive, I figured I'd ask my husband, Sean, what he thought men found most attractive in women. So he compiled a small list and wrote the post below:

1.Be available. If your girlfriends are always around, you limit your opportunity to meet great men. I hear you already…I can hear you sigh as you scroll down the list to the next trait. But just hear me out for a second. I agree that friends are important, but you can't go places and except men to talk to you when you’re never available. Usually, a man just won’t feel comfortable approaching you if he can't get past your 62 friends to talk to you. 2. Let a man try to win your heart, and make sure he has to work for it. Dating is complicated.  People come and people go all the time. One of the interesting things I’ve seen is people saying NO to someone without letting them have a chance. I’m not saying you have to go out with every man who asks, but be open to more men. And no one wants to put their heart on the line and get hurt, but you have to take chances in order to find the right person. Even if you don’t have feelings for a man right away, let him pursue if you. Any man who is worth your time must be willing to pursue you…but that doesn’t mean he should always have to chase you. And be aware of your emotions during his pursuit – if you aren’t interested, don’t let him continue to pursue you

  1. Treat men well. He may not be interested in you, but he might have a friend who would fit you perfectly.

I believe that you should always treat people well, even if they can’t ever do anything for you. People should always get the best side of you. I see this happen all the time with people of the opposite sex: Guys treat women they find attractive with a much more attentive level than those they don’t find as attractive. I understand that seems only natural, but don’t be like those men - please try to live above that. I promise that if you make an attempt to treat all people well, you will have better relationships and you will be more confident around “attractive” people because you won’t feel like you’ll need to treat them differently or better than others. You will also find that more people will be interested in dating/getting to know you.

  1. You are a daughter of the King, but that doesn't mean you can look down on certain men as peasants.

This is an interesting one for Christians; this goes beyond being physically attractive. Christians who forget where they came from also tend to “forget” to extend grace and unconditional love to those who need it most. Ladies, you are a royal princess and deserve to be treated as such. I have a 10-month-old little girl, and I will teach her this principle as she continues to grow up. Yet, when it comes to dating, that same mentality and belief causes some women to feel like they are better than some men. When you have two Christians involved, both are children of the King. Yet, somehow one or both people look down on the other as not being good enough, or being “lower” than the other person. Christians, please make sure not to think more of yourself than you should. And remember, it’s by the grace of God that you are who you are, not because on what you’ve done.

  1. Let the best parts of you shine all the time. Don't try to be someone other than who you truly are in order to win the attention of a man.

Lastly, make sure that you showcase what makes you great. Too often we try to put our best foot forward by faking something about ourselves and bypass what really makes us stand out. If you are great at something, lead with it, let it shine all the time. Make sure that friends, family, co-workers, class mates, and everyone else gets to know the best of who you are so that you are the most attractive you.


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