A Woman Needs to be Pursued, Loved, and Adored


Date the man who pursues you, loves you and adores you. Date him now. Even if you’re convinced he’s not the right one, give him a chance. If you’re still convinced he’s not right one after dating him, then graciously move on. But the man who is right for you, whatever that looks like in its entirety, will be a man who pursues you, loves you and adores you.

Women can get caught up pursuing a man they respect, admire and/or lust after. But if that man isn’t thinking about her, adoring her, or pursuing her, then that woman needs to move on as quickly as possible. If he is not reciprocating her feelings, and reciprocating them at a more intense level, then she shouldn’t work for his love. (This doesn’t imply that a woman shouldn’t intentionally work for his love, as in show him love, when there IS mutual love). If you aren’t sure how a man feels about you, he doesn’t have feelings for you. If you aren’t sure what a man thinks about you, he doesn’t think about you. If you aren’t sure if a man loves you, he doesn’t love you. I know those statements are SO black and white, but if you find yourself convincing yourself a man is interested in you, he’s NOT interested in you. Even if the statements above are too black and white (which they probably are), they’re still pretty spot on. And even if men, in general, have difficulty communicating their feelings, they’re usually very transparent in how they feel about a woman…you just have to learn to interpret their actions rather than their words (or lack thereof). Does he show you adoration? Is he dating other women? Does he make it a point to be around you? If not, don’t waste your time, energy, and emotions chasing after a man who is too immature, too slow, too unresponsive and too uninterested. Instead pray. There are other fish in the sea.


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