4 Ways to Show a Girl You Like Her


If you want a girl to know you like her, there are literally only 4 things you need to do. That’s it…4.

  1. Become friends with her.
  • This point cannot be used independently from the following points. Just because you’re friends with a girl doesn’t mean you like her. But this is the first step in showing her you’re interested, and the best place to start to determine if you really do like her.
  1. Tell her she’s beautiful (and keep complimenting her).
  • A man should be able to compliment women he doesn’t “like,” unfortunately, because of that compliment(s) some women may think he likes her. But if you’re a nice guy, which I hope you are, establish your credibility as such by wisely complimenting women. “I like your shirt.” “Your hair looks great.” “Awesome shoes.” Writing this sounds so lame – haha – but every girl likes compliments!
  • If you want a specific girl to know you like her, then give her more meaningful compliments. “You’re really beautiful.” “I’m always impressed by how talented you are at…” “I think you’ll be a great teacher (or whatever profession) someday.” Ok, ok…I’m sure you can come up with WAY better compliments!
  • Side note: These “nice” guys confuse girls. Girls wonder if you like them because you’re so nice/considerate/complimentary to them. If you’re a nice guy, which I hope you are, just keep being nice, but know that you’re gonna confuse some girls along the way.
  • Another side note: ALL of these compliments should be used in context. Don’t walk up to a group of girls, interrupt them, stare at the girl you like, and say, “You’re so smart.” That’s weird and creepy. None of those girls will talk to you again.
  1. Tell her you like her.
  • Crazy, I know!
  • It’s really hard to judge when to say something like this. It’s also risky. But girls really, really appreciate guys that have the guts to say something like this. Just because you encounter one, or more, immature, rude girls that snobbishly reject you and talk about you behind your back, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever tell a girl you like her again! It just means you need to start liking nicer girls.
  • As for when to say this? I suggest after you’ve developed a good friendship with her - you enjoy each other as friends, you respect each other, you know her well enough to know you'd like to get to know her more, and after she knows you well enough to trust you and enjoy your company if she were to go on a date with you. This doesn’t mean you’ll have success (sorry!), but the best place to start is after a friendship is developed.
  1. Ask her on a date.
  • I’ll steal Nike’s slogan: “Just Do It.”
  • My husband, Sean, wrote a guest post about things he wished he knew when he was single. One of those things was that he wished he knew that asking a girl on a date didn’t have to be so difficult.
  • Don’t think so much about it. Stop thinking of all the possible outcomes that could happen as a consequence of you asking her out – get out of your own head, and hers – don’t make it so serious – just ask her out.
  • A date is not the same as marriage. A request for a date is not the same as a proposal. If the girl you like doesn’t get that, then she probably has a different dating philosophy than you (and me).

Don’t get caught up in self-doubt, or always waiting for someone better, or your own insecurities, or the idea that you have to know that she’s “the one” before you ask her on a date, or the idea that you have years and years ahead of your before you choose to “settle down.” Seek God, use the wisdom and discernment he’s given you, and act. If you like her, show her.  


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