"4 Ways to Show a Guy You Like Him" Guest Post by Sean Burroughs


I know this may be countercultural since men are supposed to lead in relationships, but we can be a little dense. So a little help goes a long way!

  1. Show genuine interest in who he is and what he likes.
    • As much as I would love to tell you that us men are complicated creatures, we are not. We like it when people show interest in the things we are interested in. One of the easiest ways to get a man to notice you is to be involved in something he likes. If a man realizes he doesn’t have to change a lot about who he is in order for you to be a part of his life, he will most definitely notice you much sooner.
  1. Spend time making sure he feels important.
    • Even the sweetest and nicest of guys have an ego. No man wants to chase after a woman who constantly berates him, puts him down, or makes him feel less than great. You can make a man feel important by not devaluing his accomplishments. Sometimes women of similar age to the man will look down on a man because they feel he should have done more, made more money, or because they expect him to be more mature. This could be one of the reasons why some men end up dating younger women.
    • Men value accomplishment and feeling important. It shows in how they often spend their money on cars, clothes, gym memberships, and other things that make them seem important.
    • Ladies, you should never continue to like a man who is insecure enough to build all he is around these things. If your efforts to make him feel important just fuel his ego and not his interest in you, then walk away.
  1. Flirt with him a little.
    • Flirting is ok. You and I both know that there are lines that can be crossed. Be smart, be holy, and be confident. We think somehow that things like light flirting, coffee dates, or sitting next to each other in church somehow means marriage is a requirement. Respect him, but be a little flirtatious. It can be something as simple as a smile or a compliment. Trust me, men can be a little dense.
  1. Give him a reason to chase you by putting your best foot forward.
    • Lastly, be the best you. I know when I was single, I would make a lot of crazy attempts to put together a front of who I thought different women would want me to be. When you meet a man who you want to notice you it can be exciting. That excitement can lead you to do crazy things.
    • When you meet a man you find attractive, let him see what makes you great. Whether that means letting him see you speak to a crowd, work in children’s ministry, mentor the next generation, paint, write, or rally friends for a great cause. There are not many things more attractive than watching people walk out who they are called to be.


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