Don’t Give Up.


I’ve heard it said too often that a person is going to give up on dating. Give up on Men. Give up on Women. Give up on Marriage. That person has tried and failed. Pursued and been rejected. Dated and been heart-broken. That’s it. I’m done. I’m so over this. There’s no one out there for me. What I want to tell that person is, “Don’t Give Up!”

But, how?

  1. Choose to Believe
  • If you are meant to marry, you must make a choice to believe, deep down, that you will get married. You can’t just wonder and you can’t just think “what if” – you must know it will happen regardless of what your circumstances tell you.
  • Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (KJV) What do you hope for? If it’s marriage, then that hope leads to faith, which then brings you the substance of marriage.
  1. Stay Optimistic
  • OK…You’ve had some bad experiences in the past. Maybe you’re attracted to the wrong type of person, or the wrong type of person is always attracted to you. Or maybe you’ve determined that now isn’t the right time, for whatever reason.
  • Fill your mind with good thoughts about yourself and about marriage. There’s no need to be judgmental towards all men or women because of your experiences…there are great, wonderful, incredible, amazing people out there. And one of them is the perfect fit for you.
  1. Don’t revolve your life around marriage.
  • If all of your thoughts, conversations and prayers center around a potential significant other and marriage, then you’re bound to be disappointed. When a person and an event is put on too high of a pedestal, your expectations are over the top and no one will ever be good enough for you.
  • This then leads to frustration, bitterness, anger, etc. because everything you’ve experienced with men (or women) doesn’t meet your expectations. This then leads to the feeling of just wanting to “give up.”
  1. Keep a Steady Mind while Waiting Well
  • Control your up and down emotions by listening to your logic. All men suck!!!!! Ahem…No. They. Don’t. Women are so crazy - they aren’t even worth my time. NOT True. There are a ton of Steady Betty’s.
  • In this case, your emotions are a direct result from your past experiences. If you can temper your emotions, then you’ll have a better attitude towards the opposite sex, dating, and marriage. Therefore, you won’t be so quick to give up.

If marriage is for you…hang in there! You’ve got this. Build your relationship with Jesus, build your faith, grow as a human being, enjoy life, and DON’T GIVE UP!


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