5 Tips on How To Wait Well


When you have a goal in mind, a dream to pursue, and a destination to reach, it’s extremely hard to wait well, or in other words, wait patiently and happily. And when that goal is marriage and all you can hear is your internal clock ticking (or nagging from family members), then it’s even more difficult to wait well. People say life is all about the journey, not the destination. I agree…but that doesn’t mean I strongly dislike that statement. I want the destination, the dream, the goal, not the journey. And let’s face it – you want to get married…the journey has been long enough!

But when so much of life is filled with the journey, not the destination, we need to learn how to enjoy that journey and wait well. So here are 5 tips on how to do just that:

  1. Keep Living Your Life
    1. There is no reason to put your life on hold while waiting to get married. If you can be true to who you are and spend time developing yourself as a whole human being, then someone will be attracted to the real you.
    2. If you want to travel, buy a home, pursue a career, buy a car, etc. then do it. If the pursuit of marriage is still a priority to you, then pursue marriage along with your other goals and dreams.
  1. Have a Good Attitude
    1. Some synonyms for the word attitude are: perspective, view, and outlook. While you’re single, can you still have a positive outlook on your life?
    2. You may have to intentionally choose to be happy while still single if marriage is a major dream of yours.
    3. Choose to think on the positives – what is good in your life? What are you proud of? What provides you with a sense of fulfillment and joy right now? Think on those things, and your attitude will remain positive even though you don’t yet have what you really, really want.
  1. Have Genuine Happiness for Others
    1. When someone gets what you want it’s hard to be happy for them because there’s a little bit (or a lot) of selfishness and jealousy in all of us.
    2. A couple of ways to do this is to pray for your friends’ dreams to come true – this way you can share in their happiness because you can see how God answered your prayers. Also, when you’ve influenced their lives by listening to them, connecting them to the right people, offering advice, speaking words of encouragement, etc., you share their success because you’ll see their success as your success.
    3. Having this mentality will help you be a happier person rather than a jealous person.
  1. Believe Your Prayers Will Be Answered
    1. Be filled with faith in your waiting season, not frustration.
    2. I get that it’s hard to continue to pray when it doesn’t seem like God hears you. But keep believing and expecting the answer to your fervent prayer.
  2. Create Success in Other Areas of Life
    1. Pursue your career, establish yourself at your church, create a tight-knit group of friends, strengthen your family bond, build up your savings account, travel, buy a home, finish school, etc., etc., etc.
    2. Don’t skip out on celebrating these milestones because you’re obsessed over the one thing you don’t have. Enjoy your other successes!

A person who waits well is a happier person. Period. This is absolutely easier said than done...but that doesn't mean it's impossible to become the person that waits well. Be intentional in your waiting season - choose happiness and joy.


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