How To Pursue Marriage (Part 1)


Marriage wasn’t my goal. Marriage to the right person, that I loved deeply, liked wholeheartedly, and wanted to spend forever with, was my goal. And the mentality that marriage will just happen when it happens may work for some, but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t think the kind of marriage I wanted just happened. But that’s just me. Who knows, maybe you can relate.

Looking back, I realized there were some steps I took to pursue marriage, whether I realized it or not. Some of these steps, outlined in the next couple posts, happened either prior to dating in general or happened while dating Sean. I hope that you will learn something from these next few posts on how to pursue marriage because I don’t want you to wait and wait for marriage to just happen to you. I want you to actively pursue marriage. 

  1. Seek God in prayer
  • A recent post of mine, titled “How To Pray for Marriage” is a great read on the best way to begin your pursuit for marriage. I know prayer is such a Christian answer to everything, but it is a requirement if you want to see breakthrough in a specific area.
  • And there are so many single Christians in this generation that want to get married that I’m convinced they need breakthrough from God Himself. You can also re-read my post about why I think you need breakthrough.
  • So the first step in your pursuit of marriage is to pursue God and seek Him for breakthrough in this area of your life.
  1. Figure out if you're sabotaging your pursuit of marriage.
  • Sounds like an odd thing to do, but you’ve got to be very self-aware to understand who you are, why you’re attracted to certain people, why some relationships just don’t work out for you, and if there are any areas about yourself that constantly sabotage your chance at experiencing love. This is very hard to do…I guess unless you’re a therapist.
    • One book that is excellent for marrieds and singles is “How We Love,” by Milan and Kay Yerkovich. It offers excellent understanding as to why you are the way you, why and how you give and receive love, why there is tension in your relationship and what to do about it, and it offers the single person an incredible, life-changing view into their own soul. Man…I should write a review for this book!
  • This self-awareness and self-knowledge will help you better understand who you should partner with. You must understand and know yourself well before you pursue marriage. In order to have outward success, you must have inward success. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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