Online Dating: Is It for You? (Part 2)


In my previous post, I discussed the first major pro and con you’ll encounter when determining if online dating is for you. Below, I’ve added a couple more to the list. So, read on…

Pro #2: Online dating provides you with more options than offline.

  • Your network of prospective men and women drastically increases when you choose online dating. You’ll also have a wider range of types of people to choose from regarding ethnicity, demographics, career choices, passions, families, cultures, and so on.

Con #2: Online dating provides you with more options than offline.

  • No…Con #2 isn’t a typo. Yes…it’s the same as Pro #2.
  • Having more choices is not always the answer. In fact, the crazy amount of options we have is one of the main reasons finding ‘the one’ is so difficult. How can you ever choose?? And how can you choose correctly?? There always seems to be someone better…the grass always seems greener on the other side … A plethora of men and women to choose from can be extremely confusing, which is why this is a con.
  • Whether it’s swiping, emailing, texting, or calling, too many options can be just as debilitating as not enough options.

Pro #3: Online dating allows you to screen someone before going on a date with him or her.

  • I don’t know how accurate the algorithms are for online dating sites, but I do know you can’t approach a group of men, in person, and ask the tall, attractive, Christians who love Jesus, between the ages of 27 and 35, who are looking for a serious relationship, and who want to get married and have children to step aside so you can have a conversation with them!!
    • That’s the benefit of going online…you get to filter out all the people you don’t want to waste your time talking to and hone in on the ones you want to spend your time talking to.
  • There’s no guesswork. As long as the other person’s profile is honest, you know what type of person you’ll be meeting that night.

Con #3: Online dating takes away the mystery.

  • Pro #3 can easily become a Con for online dating. Google, Facebook, Instagram…all social media outlets are pretty incredible tools for stalking the person you met online. Well, stalking is a strong word. But you know, researching…
  • When you do this before meeting that special someone in person, you’re confronted with who they really are (at least who social media portrays that person to be). That’s a good thing right? Well, sometimes.
  • Once you’ve done your research, you’ve formed your judgment. And it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to stray from the judgment you’ve already made about this person, even if you’re way off.
  • Mystery is a good thing - it draws you in and causes you to be curious about the other person. That mystery motivates you to be interested in who they are because you don’t already know so much about them.
    • And it’s nearly impossible to have a good date if you aren’t interested in the person sitting across the table from you!

I know there are many more, but ideally you’ll add to this list of pros and cons and eventually see if the positives outweigh the negatives. If they do, then check your pride at the door and create an online profile. The only thing you really have to lose is a few dollars...


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