Follow these 2 Tips to Understand Women Better


I admit…I’m crazy to even try to tackle this subject. Half the time women don’t understand themselves. The other half of the time women think men are utterly ridiculous for not understanding even the simplest aspects about them. My conclusion is that the reason women are complicated is so that men will continue to pursue them, and figure them out, and research them, and learn about them, and continue to be interested in them forever. We’re kind of like God in that men will always be learning about new aspects of us and searching out the depths of who we are (hmmm…is that blasphemous???).

There is no science behind women, there is no mathematical equation that will help you understand women, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to figuring women out. A man must simply live and learn. That’s it…that’s the end of my post. Haha! Not really, but it could be. Besides continuing to learn about the female species, I have two practical tips to aid you in your pursuit of understanding women:

  1. Know what a woman wants.
  • She wants to be wanted…always.
  • She wants to be adored.
  • She wants attention…always. Sometimes obsessively…to a fault.
  • She wants to be seen as beautiful no matter what.
  • She wants to be respected and heard.
  • If a man can achieve this, he can almost always get (and keep) the woman he wants. If the relationship isn’t meant to be, then he must move on mentally and emotionally so that he can provide the right woman with his attention. See my previous post on how to move on.
  • I realize knowing what a woman wants is one of the main mystery’s men encounter in regards to women. But, for the sake of space in this post, if a man can follows these basic female wants then he’s definitely on the right track!!
  1. Ask how you can read between the lines.
  • A woman is never black and white - she almost always exists in the gray area of life. So when she says she wants your attention and you give it to her, but then she says you’re smothering her and now she wants space, then she wants her space.
    • But how annoying and frustrating because a man will do what a woman asks or give a woman what she says she wants, but it seems like it’s never the right thing or never enough or…….
  • So instead, ask for details. Don’t take her at face value – there’s almost always a million things going on underneath the surface.
    • If she needs more attention from you, then ask what that looks like to her. If she says something dumb like, “Just figure it out. I don’t know…you should know what that means.” Then find a more mature woman…lol…oops. Bad advice.
    • But seriously, if you’re both invested in the relationship, then you both have to learn to communicate.
    • Ask HOW to meet a need. If she doesn’t know how you can meet her need, then she needs to figure it out so she can communicate the action plan to you. Women don’t like to do this because then she feels like it’s not genuine coming from the man. But the majority of men need to follow an action plan in order to meet that woman’s needs.

When both individuals are invested in communicating their thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, etc., then the relationship will always successfully move forward. It just will. This doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult or that you won’t get “stuck” in a season of tension or confusion, but what it means is that problems will be solved as both people get to know each other more. Men should also know that each woman is unique. If a man is interested in a particular woman, then he gets to know her as a unique individual. Once a man is with the woman he wants to be with, and the feelings are reciprocated, he only needs to understand her, no other woman (besides maybe his daughters in the future). When there is emotional, mental, and spiritual investment in the woman he’s interested in, then he will be motivated to continue to pursue and understand his woman. The reward will be worth the challenge!


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