Are You In a Desperate Situation?


Our faith grows quickly when we are in desperate situations. We’re stirred to action. We’re compelled to pray with other Christians and to seek counsel. We seek God’s face day and night, memorizing Scripture and lining up our thoughts to His Word so as not to get discouraged or lose faith. Since we’re only human and have great limitations in our willpower, discipline, and diligence, we must rely on God’s grace to get us through difficult seasons of life. But when it comes to the desire to be married, too often we dismiss this as a worthy point of prayer. We say, “I trust God. It’ll happen when it happens.” Or, “I know God’s timing is perfect, so I’m not worried.” That’s great that you trust God and are at ease with your singleness. But that doesn’t mean you should stop praying. If you want to get married but aren’t, then you’re in a desperate situation. Let me explain…

While single, you can love your life, be fulfilled, and walk in destiny and purpose. But if part of that destiny is marriage, then consistently praying for marriage is what will bring that destiny to fruition in your life. If you didn’t have a job or financial support, you would acknowledge that you are in a desperate situation that requires God’s intervention. You may have faith that God will provide you with the right job at the right time. But you still do everything you can to get a job. You apply for positions you qualify for. You pray, and maybe fast. You ask friends for prayer. Maybe you go to school to gain more or different skills. You might even take a job you don’t really want in order to get by until you find the job you do want. But when it comes to marriage, it’s as if we believe our prayers don’t compel God to act, as if they won’t make a difference. We sit back, relax, and wait for God to do something. Just because you have faith in God for marriage, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fervently seek Him in prayer and do everything you can to see marriage come to pass in your life. Your faith and trust in God is never an excuse to do nothing even though that’s what many Christians think. It’s just that the Doing often comes in the form of prayer. And it’s in prayer that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you if there are tangible steps you can take to get that answer to prayer. Faith…it compels you to seek’s never an excuse to do nothing.


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