Faith Compels You to Act


In my previous post, I talked a lot about the importance of praying for marriage. It’s just that Christians sometimes get confused as to how much they should rely on God to answer their prayers and how much of their own “Doing” is too much. We think, “If I believe God will do this for me, then I don’t have to do anything, or at least shouldn’t do too much.” Or, “I’m tired of waiting on God and I’m losing my faith in His promises, so I’m going to have to make this happen myself.” Both of these beliefs are incorrect. Faith and Action go hand-in-hand. Period. When God gives you a promise, you always end up acting on that promise. Gideon tore down idols, Abraham had sex, Noah built an ark, Jesus’ followers waited in the upper room, and so on. God is the one who performs the miracle. So…what is it that you can do without feeling like you’re taking matters into your own hands?

  1. Seek God in Prayer.
  • Ask God every day - morning and night - to bring you your spouse.
  • Ask Him to help you recognize His answer to your prayer. Oftentimes the person God has for us is different from the image we have in our head.
  • Ask God for patience, endurance, discernment, and joy in your current season.
  1. Meet people.
  • Increase your social sphere by joining sports teams, meet-up groups, saying yes to invites, becoming a better host/hostess and inviting people to your events, throw yourself a birthday party, throw someone else a birthday party, be consistent in church and small group attendance, etc. I know you could add so much more to this list…but the end result is that you’ll meet more people!
  1. Prepare yourself.
  • Become a person you’re proud of. When you’re proud of yourself, you have confidence and view yourself as a “catch.”
  • Accept yourself. Accept all of you – the good, bad, and ugly. Jesus does and so should you. When you have this standard for yourself, you’ll have this standard for someone else, meaning you’ll only accept someone else who also accepts ALL of you.
  • Love yourself. When you accurately understand who Jesus is you grow in love – love for others and love for yourself. Loving yourself is instrumental in helping you find the right person to partner with.

These are basic suggestions for you to follow. It’s when a person begins striving, worrying, and doubting that their Doing is out of their own strength and not out of obedience to God. I hope that makes sense…Person A and Person B can be Doing all the same things to get a spouse, but Person A is filled with faith and trust, so he isn’t just sitting back doing nothing, he feels that all of his doing is a direct result of his faith. Person B might be doing the same things, but is filled with unbelief and views his Doing as the only way he’s going to get a spouse…he believes he has to Do, Do, Do, otherwise, nothing will happen. See the difference? Let your actions, your Doing, be a direct result of your faith. God will perform the miracle, you just have to believe him and act according to your faith.


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