It’s Time to Compromise


When it comes to choosing to love and marry a significant other, one must also choose to compromise. The question isn’t whether you will have to compromise or not. The question is, what are you willing to compromise? We’ve all had those friends that we “love,” but can only handle so much of. They have personality quirks that conflict with our own personality quirks. So our love for them is very conditional…we aren’t willing to compromise hardly anything for them because our love for them isn’t strong enough. In my opinion, that’s ok. We can’t be best friends with everyone!

But that mentality is NOT ok to have for the person you choose to marry! When you choose to love and marry someone, your love for that person must be big enough to compromise for them. No – you can’t always have your way. No – you can’t always do what you want when you want. No – you aren’t always right. You must compromise. And the person you choose to be with must be worth your compromise. Logically, we all know we will partner with a flawed human being. Duh. But in order for you to actually partner with someone like that, you’re going to have to give up parts of your perfect single life – like your time, your way, your energy, your schedule. Some people are eager to do this, others…well, it’s really hard for them to compromise in these areas and more. So they remain single until someone fits perfectly into their world. But that perfect fit is actually just an illusion…who they really are will eventually become evident. So is the person you like, or the person you’re dating, worth your compromise? Is your love for that person big enough to graciously deal with their flaws? Is their love for you big enough to accept your flaws? Maybe you just can’t handle Joe Schmoe’s communication style, but John Doe’s crazy disorganization is no big deal to you because your feelings for him are so strong. What you're willing to compromise, and for whom, is worth considering before making a commitment!


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