"The Ineligible Bachelorette" - Is this book for you?


I can’t believe I finally get to announce that my book will be LAUNCHED on FEBRUARY 10th, 2017!!!! Yep, that means you get to buy it on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, or wherever else you might purchase a book. I realize at this point I’m probably way more excited than you, but did I already say I can’t wait for Feb. 10th?! Woohooooo!!!! So, here’s a little more detail about the book and my journey in writing it.

The idea for the book came to me as a single person, but was clarified more as a newlywed. While dating Sean, I came face to face with my fears regarding commitment. But I didn’t really know how to help myself overcome those fears. I realized then that the majority of books I had heard of, or even read myself, were written to women about how to NOT settle; to fall in love with Jesus, after all HE is your husband; how to love yourself; how to WAIT, wait, and wait some more for the most perfect, God-like man available on planet Earth. Most of those messages probably planted those fears inside me. However, they are all good messages! But, it’s as if those messages didn’t speak to my heart. I was the one who couldn’t even “fall in like” with anyone. I was the one who spotted red flags a mile away. I was the one who wasn’t swayed by the smooth-talking, charismatic, beautiful man who OBVIOUSLY wasn’t godly enough, pure enough, or holy enough for me. Duh…why couldn’t every other woman spot that for themselves as well?! So, I decided to write a book to a woman who was a little more like me. Too rational, too logical, too un-romantic, and too fearful to settle down and commit. Truthfully, I think there are a lot of men who would enjoy and benefit from reading my book! Being analytical, I wanted to discuss the roots of our attractions and why we’re attracted to whom we’re attracted to. Maybe that’s keeping us from being interested in someone. And we all know that our expectations could be keeping us from love and commitment, which is discussed in the book as well. If only my readers’ eyes could be open to their blind spots, then maybe they could have revelation about themselves, offering breakthrough in their stagnant romance life. If only they could be coached through their inner thoughts and understand themselves better. If only they could relax a little, accept more and different types of men, and love themselves while acknowledging their shortcomings, then maybe they could see a sliver of truth that might set them free on their pursuit of love. As my thoughts became more concrete, I was able to put pen to paper and write down all my personal experiences and struggles with commitment, romantic relationships, fears, and my understanding of love and marriage. Ultimately, I want the Holy Spirit to use my words to impact your life. I want Him to speak to you. I pray for change, for revelation, for clarity, and for breakthrough. And that is why I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it! ** Stay tuned for details on where you can order it.


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