#9: The #1 Fear Keeping Single Christian Women from Marriage

Fear keeps people single. Period. It keeps people confused, paralyzed, distracted, unsure, powerless, deceived, etc. As Christians, with the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us, we actually have power over fear. We can overcome and be released from it's grip on us. I believe there is ONE major fear that slows the process of love, if not completely paralyzing it, in the lives of single Christian women. If you find yourself ... ... second-guessing, ... worrying about finding the RIGHT man, ... afraid you're going to make the wrong decision, ... don't trust yourself or God, or ... using phrases like, "I'm waiting for God's best," "I'm waiting for God's perfect will, not His permissive will," "I'm not going to settle," and/or "I'm God's princess, therefore, I deserve ______ (fill in the blank)." Then you may be dealing with this fear. Though, there's nothing inherently wrong with the phrases above, the mindset behind them could either lead to fear or be a sign that you're struggling with fear. If you're interested in dating godly, Christian men, then check out this episode! And if you're interested in knowing what The 7 Most Common Roadblocks Are That Keep Women From Love and HOW TO Break Through, then download your FREE Resource Guide here: www.starrburroughs.com/gift. If you'd like dating advice, pre-relationship tips, and inspirational videos check out my Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/starrburroughsbooks.   Check out this episode!


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