Episode 158: One BIG Red Flag No One Is Looking For

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Women these days seem pretty good at recognizing red flags. Whether they decided to deal with them or not, is up to them. But, overall, single women who are serious about marriage are serious about paying attention to red flags!

If you’re wanting to get married and are careful about who you’re choosing to spend your time with, then you’ll want to check out today’s episode.

I’ve been pondering why women don’t seem to notice, or maybe care, about this big red flag that is so, so easily overlooked. It’s almost as if people have blinders on and don’t even notice it … so much so, that they repeat the same mistake in the next relationship.

I want to shed light on this red flag that women are allowing into their dating lives without even realizing it. I’ll go over what this big, overlooked red flag is, how to recognize it, what to do about it, and how to NOT deal with it again!

Tune in to today and share with a friend!

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