Episode 160: New Year, New Miracles (Part 1): Starting My Business as a Christian Love Coach

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New Year, New Miracles!

I’m excited for this new, short series all about the personal miracles I’ve experienced in the recent years!!

I was inspired to do this series in the hopes that I could encourage women to believe for a miracle when it comes to getting married. When you hear about other people’s miracles it helps you believe for your own, increasing your expectation for the supernatural power of God in your life.

In this particular episode, I share the small and big miracles that happened in my life that led to me starting my business as a Christian Love Coach.

I also cover what was required of me in order to see those miracles come to pass. It wasn’t just about receiving the miracles from God, it was about praying, listening, surrendering, obeying and enduring that led to the manifestation of those miracles.

If you’re needing a miracle, and encouragement in the process, please tune in!

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