Episode 162: New Year, New Miracles (Part 3): Making the Move from California to Idaho

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New Year, New Miracles!

Listen in as I talk through my journey of receiving God’s confirmations and miracles that eventually led to our move out of California.

In looking back, I cover so many details of God’s intricate design … all the things that set us up for the future, which is where we’re at now. It’s amazing how God works, how He aligns things to work out perfectly, and how He truly does have the perfect timing (though it’s rarely our timing).

I learned in this process of receiving from God, that there is an intense amount of trust, faith, and obedience that is put to the test prior to the manifestation of His miracles.

So, join me as I journey through my recent past and process out loud the guidance I received from God during a difficult season of life!

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