Episode 157: How To Be Approachable and Invite Pursuit


Have you ever wondered how to get a guy to approach you?

How to get a guy to ask you out?

How to get a guy to pursue you?

Well, those are the questions I’ll be answering on today’s episode! There are so many different reasons why some men aren’t asking women out. Oftentimes, it can be due to the church culture you’re in, the current environment you’re in, or because you simply don’t have opportunity to be in social settings right now.

However, there are also some more hidden reasons as to …

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Episode 156: 5 Ways to Enjoy Being Single...Even Though You Really Want To Be A Wife


On today’s episode I talk about 5 different ways you can enjoy your singleness while on your way to marriage.

I didn’t want to take the generic approach and talk about travel, pampering yourself, being selfish, etc. I wanted to talk about legitimate things any woman can implement in order to enjoy their lives more.

So, if you’re ready to take action and do things differently in order to find more enjoyment in your day-to-day life, please tune in!

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Episode 155: How To Know If You Should Call It Off With Him


Can you tell me about a time when you had difficulty knowing WHEN or IF you should call it off with that guy you just started talking to?

Or if you should say no to the next date (or maybe even cancel it)?

I bet you can!

This area of knowing when to walk away can be more difficult than it seems. It’s not always black and white. There are a lot of little nuances in a new relationship that can make discernment a bit challenging.

In today’s episode, I cover 5 practical tips on how to know whe…

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Episode 154: Is Marriage Really THAT Hard?


Is marriage hard? Like, really hard? Why is marriage hard?

Well, that’s the question I’m going to tackle today.

Many married people have said marriage is hard, and I’m sure I have as well. When a single person hears this, she either dismisses the person saying it because she doesn’t respect that person, or maybe thinks that person has something unique in their marriage that makes it hard (that the single person won’t have to go through).

Or, conversely, the single person hears this and wond…

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Episode 153: How To Act First, Then Receive What You Want


Have you ever had the thought when the right person comes along, then …

Or told yourself that you’ll lose weight when …

If you have, like countless others, then you likely know the feeling of waiting for something or someone to motivate you to do what you want to do anyways!

The problem is that we often need to ACT FIRST in order to receive what we really want. We may need to slow down the upward trajectory in our career because it’s taking up all of our mental space; so much so that we don…

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Episode 152: How To Prepare for Marriage as a Single Woman

Orange Fitness Gym Female Podcast Episode Instagram feed Post (6)

As a single woman, how do you prepare for marriage?

Do you have to be the Proverbs 31 woman?

Do you have to be healed of all your baggage?

Do you have to love yourself to the moon at back?

Though some of the above would be great to have and be, it doesn’t have to be that intense!

In this episode, I go over 4 different strategies that can be implemented immediately, with or without a man by your side.

These 4 strategies will help you better prepare for marriage, become the woman you want …

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Episode 151: The Question I Asked My Husband That Shifted His Whole Life


Today, I’ll be discussing one main question I asked my husband shifted the direction of his life (his words!).

This question is the same question I’d ask you on your journey toward marriage.

It’s a question that will force you to think about where you stand with your convictions, your standards, and your vision.

I’ll be discussing what it looks like to surrender your search to God and submit to His vision. This is such an important piece that can easily become neglected when we’re on our wa…

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Episode 150: The Difference Between a Successful Woman and a Prideful Woman


Have you ever fallen into the trap of believing that men aren’t interested in successful women? As if successful women are too intimidating and men are too insecure …

Though there may be some truth to that, it’s not the whole truth.

There are plenty of very successful married women. It’s simply a fact that a successful woman in her field with lots of money CAN get married to a wonderful man. It’s a fact because it’s been done many times before. I’m not saying there aren’t unique challenges t…

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Episode 149: 3 Things To Look For in a Man


There are so many wonderful qualities that we’re all looking for in a husband. Some women prefer a height requirement, educational degrees, ambition, shared morals, humor,  a good conversationalist, generosity, etc. The list could literally go on forever.

But there are 3 absolutes that I believe every woman (and man) should be looking for in a life-long partner.

These 3 things, in my opinion, are non-negotiables. The catch is that they’re usually hard to spot right away.

You know the saying…

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Episode 148: How To Deal With Family Members as an Adult Single Woman


How many of you have family members who love asking about your love life? Or love giving you advice about your love life?

It’s the best when they’ve been married forever and don’t know anyone else who’s single at your age, and they still want to help you understand what you’re doing wrong. Haha!

As much as you love your family (I hope!), I wanted to discuss how to deal with the family members who insert themselves into your love life, or lack thereof, when you get together for the holidays, …

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