Welcome to the Marriage Minded Online Dating Academy

If you are ready for breakthrough, this is the right place for you!

Welcome to the Marriage Minded Online Dating Academy

If you are ready for breakthrough, this is the right place for you!

Today, as many as 40 million Americans are using online dating sites to find love, companionship, and potentially marriage. 

Can you believe that? 40 million people online! Sometimes it feels like you have seen all 40 million profiles out there!

After working with dozens of single women as a Love Coach over the last few years, I have found that many people are not maximizing their utilization of these platforms.

Online Dating has been hard, am I right?

It shouldn’t be, should it?

I found that my book, my podcast, and my coaching have helped many, but this Marriage-Minded Online Dating Academy is the next step for many to experience breakthrough!

I was absolutely not ready for online dating the way I had done it before, but I wasn’t meeting any potential boyfriends and I was frustrated. That’s when I decided it was time to get serious and try online dating like a boss.

I had no clue what I was doing wrong but I figured there has to be a better way to navigate the online world. This is where Starr Burroughs shone a beacon of light into my life with The Marriage-Minded Online Dating Academy!!

The difference I learned in MODA was how to take control of the situation and treat the experience with confidence. Previously I had been quick to blame all guys out there as pigs and self pity myself and ultimately ended up having conversations with guys I would never have dated because I started feeling sorry for myself. Starr was very clear in explaining how to use online dating as a tool and control it instead of letting it control you.

I found the most amazing guy out there by applying Starr’s outline. And we are now happily married and I didn’t have to give up even one of my deal breakers. In fact my husband Rob far exceeded my hopes and dreams of a husband :):)

Christina, 37 years, Canada

Christina Testimonial

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on sites? 

Dozens of hours messaging people, going on dates, and not seeing the results you want?

Do you feel worn out, frustrated, and ready to give up?

Many people who are trying so hard to make Online Dating work are going about certain things the wrong way, which is leaving them burnt out, worn out, exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed… 

This is EXACTLY why I created this course!


I created this course to help you move from frustrated to excited again, from exhausted to energized, from hopeless to hopeful, and who knows: maybe from single to dating or engaged, and maybe even married!

If I told you that you could make a few small changes to see the results you are looking for, would you want to know what those changes are? 

Are you ready for a change? 

Are you ready to get faster and better results Online?
I’ll show you how to avoid the common pitfalls of Online Dating: spending hours messaging the wrong men, going on countless bad dates, and getting exhausted while sifting through hundreds of men. 
You get LIFETIME access to all trainings and PDFs and can refer back to them whenever you’d like! Once you log in, you can watch the videos, download the PDFs, and begin implementing everything you learn.

I created 30+ training videos in 6 different modules:

Develop Your Mindset

Module 1 lessons include:

  • The Right Attitudes

  • Friendly Strangers
  • The Perspective of Respect
  • How To Guard Your Energy
  • How To Deal With Rejection with sample Mantra's


Define Your Expectation

Module 2 lessons include:

  • What Online Dating IS and IS NOT
  • Practice Patience
  • The Good and the Bad
  • Dating App Experimentation and Investment

The Funnel Strategy

Module 3 lessons include:

  • How To Fill Your Funnel
  • How To Empty Your Funnel
  • Track Your Prospects with Sample Spreadsheet
  • How To Reject Gracefully with Sample Messages
  • Keep The Focus

The Messaging Formula

Module 4 lessons include:

  • Initiation with Sample Messages
  • Connection
  • Learn & Discern Intentions, Deal Breakers, Time Wasters, Catfishers
  • How To Progress Online
  • Lazy Communication for Her


Interpret Men's Online Communication and Behavior

Module 5 lessons include:

  • How To Know If He's Interested
  • When To Follow Up or IF You Should with Sample Messages
  • How To Know When To Move On
  • When It Feels Like He's Moving Too Fast
  • Lazy Communication for Him
  • How To Deal With Ghosting


Feeling and Stabilizing Your Emotions

Module 6 lessons include:

  • Get Excited and Believe for The Best
  • Tethering Emotions To Reality
  • How To Deal with Fantasy and Wishful Thinking
  • Balancing the Highs and Lows

In this course you will unlock many of the things that have held you back from seeing the success you are looking for Online!

As you apply the principles of this course you will begin to declutter the chaos of Online dating by learning:

HOW to spend your time,
WHO to spend your time with, and
Exactly WHAT to say!

Your confidence will only grow as you decrease your negative experiences, use your time and energy more effectively, and experience more success dating online than you ever have before!

Far too many women are going through the motions online and are becoming jaded, frustrated and emotionally exhausted from doing what seems to make sense in the moment, but rarely garners the results they’re hoping for.

So many successful, well-intentioned women are making glaring mistakes Online…
  • I’m tired of women feeling deep hurt because of a strangers rejection and then communicating from an attitude of defeat and frustration.
  • I’m tired of women getting distracted with the terrible men Online - giving too much investment to the wrong ones.
  • For far too long, women have not taken charge of their Online Dating experience and now is the time to change that. It has been said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result.” It’s time to stop expecting something different without doing something different!
This course will allow you to follow a system that is proven. If you want to be focused, efficient and ultimately more effective in online dating, this course is for you.



Who is this course not for?

This course is not for women who think the only problem with Online Dating is the MEN Online…

This course is not for women who have nothing to learn, nowhere to grow, and have it all figured out. Hey, if you’ve got nothing to learn and you already know all the strategies, then I hope you’re getting the success you deserve Online!

This course is not for women who want to just go through the motions and hope they win the lottery of finding the right man.

But… if YOU are ready … If you are ready to make this year your best year yet; if you are ready to truly see breakthrough in this area; if you are ready to put the past behind and believe for the best ahead, then this course is for YOU!

Signing up for this course is this simple. Just click the button below and you’re in!


See you there!


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