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Starr Burroughs, author of "The Ineligible Bachelorette: Taking A Hard Look At Why You Haven't Found "The One," speaks candidly about roadblocks keeping women from finding love.

Her and her husband are enjoying the wonderfully, chaotic life that comes with having a little girl and baby boy. They currently reside in sunny Southern California.

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"The Ineligible Bachelorette" is Available Now! Check it out!

I can't believe this day is finally here! I've wanted to write a book for over a decade now and I've had this idea for this book for about 5 years. I finally began writing it around 3 years ago and after so many changes, ups and downs, perseverance, and lots of vision, It. Is. Finished. Now my prayer is that women's lives will be changed and their hearts will be open to the right men for them. And that their praying and fasting will bring breakthrough!! You can get the ebook everywhere for only …


"The Ineligible Bachelorette" - Is this book for you?

I can’t believe I finally get to announce that my book will be LAUNCHED on FEBRUARY 10th, 2017!!!! Yep, that means you get to buy it on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, or wherever else you might purchase a book. I realize at this point I’m probably way more excited than you, but did I already say I can’t wait for Feb. 10th?! Woohooooo!!!! So, here’s a little more detail about the book and my journey in writing it.

The idea for the book came to me as a single person, but was clarified more a…


The Law of Attraction: Why Your Attractions Lead You Astray (Part 3)

I’ve already discussed Part 1 and Part 2 of why your attractions lead you astray. Part 3 is the final section, and it’s all about Pride. There are many definitions for the word Pride. The definition I am going to discuss is as follows: “the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance.” Some synonyms are: arrogance, vanity, and self-importance. Some antonym’s are: modesty and humility. Some people know they are awesome. Really, really awesome.

The problem is, n…


The Law of Attraction: Why Your Attractions Lead You Astray (Part 2)

Our attractions should lead us to someone who wants to date us back. Then, and only then, is a relationship formed. But what if our attractions lead us to people who never seem to like us back. Like I’ve discussed in my earlier posts, we can always work on improving us, and therefore, grab the attention of that person we like. Yet, I’ve also said we all (married and single) have issues…we will never be perfect. SO…we can’t always just blame our singleness on the fact that we’re not fully “improv…


The Law of Attraction: Why Your Attractions Lead You Astray (Part 1)

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I met a man with beautiful eyes who showered me with attention, adoration, and affection. This man was trustworthy, kind, full of character, and never mean. However, to me, we were “just friends.”

These types of men should be snagged off the singles market right away, but often are not. Also, these types of women should be pursued the moment a man gets the sense that he might be ready for marriage, but once again, often they are not. Why? Because our attrac…


Women: What You Should Look For in a Husband

I realize we’re all different, which results in different desires and needs, but I do think there are a few qualities every man should have that will help him be a great husband, friend, and partner throughout life. As you read this list, ask yourself if what you’re searching for matches up with what’s listed. And then ask yourself if you also have these qualities since you’ll attract someone with similar attributes.

  1. Humility
  • He should be humble not only before you, but more importantl…

How To Pray For Marriage

Marriage seems hard to come by these days. Well…a great marriage, one that you actually want, with a person that you actually want to spend forever with…seems hard to come by these days. Maybe it was always hard to come by, but either way, I have 3 great suggestions on how to pray for marriage.

  1. Build Faith. Believe God is on your side, get His vision for your future marriage and pray for it. All the time. Every day. Morning and Night.
    1. This is a short tip, but honestly, the most powerful …

Patience: The Forgotten Virtue

Very few people consider themselves to be patient. I’m one of them. People used to tell me patience is a virtue, and honestly, that did absolutely nothing to motivate me to be more patient. I still don’t understand how or why that statement would motivate anyone to be more patient. As Christians, I get that we want to be men and women of virtue (hmm…what exactly does that mean anyways??), and we know patience is a good virtue to have, but how exactly do you become more patient? And how do you in…


How Do You Know If You’re With the Right One?

Let’s say you’re the type of person who has prayed about the type of person God has for you. :) You try not to put too much value on insignificant, superficial, or societal standards. Not that they’re all bad, but you practice prioritizing your standards in your search for your life-long mate. You aren’t too picky. You know God has someone amazing for you, but you don’t want to walk away from someone just because they’re too short, too round, too skinny, too poor, or too whatever for you. You’ve…


When You’re Trying to Make It Work and It Just Won’t

Have you ever been in a relationship where you found yourself trying to make it work? You liked that person, maybe even a lot, but there were a few things about him or her that were more like pink flags, rather than red flags. Or maybe even red flags, but you chose to ignore them.

He’s such a gentleman. He treats his mom with such respect and love. He’s always making me laugh. She’s so fun and light-hearted; exactly what I need. She’s a great cook and will someday be an amazing mother! She ha…


Men, What Are You Waiting For?

From a women’s perspective, some men take FOREVER to ask a woman out. Us women, we don’t get it. What are you waiting for? Why aren’t we good enough for you? I mean, not that we want you, but still. ;) This post is written from a woman’s perspective. Haha – duh. I’m a woman and my blog is from my perspective. So, without further ado the following list is what I think women think about men who never, or rarely, ask women out.

  1. You’re waiting for a Super Model.
    • You’re not hot! So stop actin…

Why Smiling, Friendliness, and Laughter Make You More Attractive

I confess…I strongly dislike articles that tell the reader what she has to do to catch a man’s attention. Weird, I know, especially since I write about relationships. The reason they annoy me is because they give women a formula on how to fake it till they make it. And then when they make it…BOOM…they’re all of a sudden a different person because they caught that man. That being said, this small blog post is definitely advice on how to work on areas of your personality if needed, and if desired.…

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